So I was considering doing some sketch videos and cover some of the creative process I go through to create the world and the characters.. And as I’m writing the script for it, I stop myself and think wait.. How do I explain a process that doesn’t exist? I don’t actually plan things out at all! I mean yeah, I have an overarching IDEA for how the story is going to progress, and I know in advance roughly how each chapter will play out, but things like world building and lore, concepts and particulars, I’ve never actually sat down and written them out.

I began the comic knowing I wanted a fantasy setting with some sex and a temple with a pool. I decided the temple needed a village nearby, for supplies, and I had a few bits and pieces ready in my mind from roleplaying with the lady, such as there being dragons, and mountain peaks, and that there would be a town in need of assistance because of dragon attacks at some point.. Everything else just sorta grew in as I progressed.

In the end, my creative process is to do what I feel like doing, create a world I’d like to explore in order to make a comic I’d like to read myself. Inspiration can strike from anywhere, I can be looking at someone’s incredible painting of a castle and thing “Hey, I could make a knight’s order of battlecocks!”, or someone might ask me something about a subject I haven’t considered before, and my answer becomes a grand part of the lore.. Injecting characters brings the challenge of creating their part of the world, and tying it together with why they are where they are now. The only important part of the process, in my opinion, is this..

Know where it ends.

Knowing where I’m going is critical to the process of getting there. I’ve known how Book 1 will end for a year now, and while that’s still a long way away, the anticipation keeps me giddily smiling to myself, and the concept keeps me creating the winding road towards it. I have several chapters planned out in rough stages, and I always know how each of them will end, as well as how they lead through the overarching story that becomes the big finale..

And that, in short, is how I created a world.