Submitting your commission

Commission requests are preferably submitted through a form on my website, – If this for some reason is not available to you, you can reach me on Twitter, Tumblr, or through FA’s note system to establish communication.

Waiting list

All commission requests will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which they’re submitted. When your slot is approaching, you’ll be contacted by your preferences with an estimate to approve before we begin.


My primary payment option is Pee pahl, from which I will send a bill to your preferred email address. This bill can be paid either through Pee pahl or other means that comply with Pee pahl’s systems, such as direct deposit, credit/debit card, etc. Other options are being worked on, but are currently not established.

Depending on the commission, you’ll be given a sketch to approve of before the bill is sent out. Once the bill has been paid, I’ll be getting to work on the complete piece within two weeks, usually less.


All commissions will by default be done on stream during the commission segment (11 AM – 2 PM CET). If you wish to not have yours streamed, I will accommodate this by request. If you wish to follow the stream but the time frame doesn’t fit, let me know and we’ll work something out. If your commission is of a “sensitive” nature, I may decline to stream it in order to avoid potential issues with the streaming platforms’ ToS. It will then be done off-stream, obviously.

Final approval and edits

Sometimes I get things wrong and misunderstand certain things. In those cases, I’m happy to make edits to ensure the final product suits your description accurately.

If you change your mind on parts of the image and decide you want things different, this may be subject to additional charges depending on the amount of work involved in changing it. 

On the whole, I’m pretty flexible when it comes to making edits to the final piece. 

When it’s all done

Once the project is complete, you’ll be given at least two files. One of these files is made for posting on regular platforms such as FA, E621 and the likes, most commonly it’ll be 2560×1440 or similar resolution. The other is a much larger variant, primarily made for your enjoyment, but I also reserve the right to post these larger variants to my Patreon supporters.

Rights and reservations

My end:

  • I reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason, should I not feel comfortable working on it. This is rare, but refer to the list of things I won’t do for a basic idea of what may be declined.
  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund your commission should I deem it necessary.
  • I reserve the right to post the final product to my platforms as I see fit, with any edits I may deem necessary for the platform in question, including posting high resolution versions to my Patreon, unless otherwise requested.
  • I maintain the rights to all characters and concepts within the final product that belong to me.
  • I maintain the rights to the product itself and the right to commercial use, including print production, promotional material and similar, unless otherwise specified in agreement between us.

Your end:

  • You maintain the right to post the final product wherever you like, in any format you like. It is preferred that you do not post the high resolution versions.
  • You maintain all rights to your characters or concepts within the final product belonging to you.
  • You are NOT granted the right to use the product for commercial uses, such as selling prints, paid access to the product, reselling the image as stock product or similar, unless a specific agreement about such use is established between us.

By submitting a commission request, you hereby state that you agree to these terms and conditions, and understand the process in question.

List of things I won’t do:

While I am very liberal and am generally okay with some level of questionable content, there are a few subjects I don’t like to get involved in:

  • Scat / pee stuff
  • Diaper stuff
  • CP
  • Sexualized gore / Vore / Death / Necrophilia
  • Excessively forceful / unenjoyable rape

If in doubt, toss me a note on FA and ask, or just submit a request and I’ll let you know if it’s okay or not.